Monday, April 9, 2012

Daily grumbles and thanksgiving

I had a wonderful Easter weekend in spite of the trials this life is throwing at me right now!  I spent Friday in Round Top TX with my wonderful friend Daina and some other ladies - Daina had a booth there and we got to shop around and eat some delicious food while we were there!  I was able to buy 5 metal containers for flower arrangements for the wedding!  While I was there I had a plumber come to my house because the bathrooms have been acting up.  It was NOT good news!  The pump grinder is out - OUT - and we cannot use ANY water in the house until a new one is installed!  Boo-hoo-hoo!  So, it is ordered (from Michigan, I believe) and has to be freighted, so it will take several days to get here (and about $3,000!).  We are sleeping at my Mom's.  Sigh - there's no place like home!

Saturday I went and picked up Ryan and Amanda (already had Mom, Kirstyn & Malissia) and we went to the Galleria so they could ice skate.  We stopped off at Garden Ridge Pottery first, where I purchased flowers to go in the metal containers I bought the day before!  After skating everyone was hungry (it was LATE) and we ate at the KONA GRILL - delicious! 

Sunday was filled with church and Sunday school, then food on the grill!  Grandma had to leave church early because her oxygen tank was messed up.  I felt bad for her because she truly cherishes the services she gets to attend - they are not many!  Her caregiver, Ortensia, has a neice and 2 nephews who asked to come to church - so Michelle & Anthony went and picked them up and brought them to Sunday school.  I am thankful for my family, my church family and for those with a burden to care for the needs of others.  I hope we may be a light and a witness to Ortensia and her sweet family.  Later in the evening Malissia ended up with a fever, but it seems to come and go.  Ryan was having problems with his Dad, and it saddens me, but they are working things out and all will be right in a few days, I'm sure!  I'm praying to a VERY BIG God who hears and ANSWERS our prayers! 

Love you all!  Thanks for putting up with my grumblings!

K.  Bye now!

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