Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

It was another busy weekend at the Barrick's!  Friday evening I decided to finish putting my room together.  Here are some photos of my new "sanctuary"!  I love it.  It is so peaceful and restful.  Just what I wanted.

Saturday my Mom and I went to check on Ryan again.  He is doing fabulous in his new apartment.  Now all he needs is a new job.  Please help me pray for this.  I went to the grocery store for him and bought a few things I wasn't able to get last weekend.  Then I cooked pork chops and roasted veggies for him.  Delicious!  Malissia baked and iced some cupcakes for him - sweet sister! 

Sunday I started off the  morning baking my Father's Day gifts.  Blueberry squares (like cheesecake with cool whip!) for Dad, Gerard, and extra for the family gathering, and a Pig cake for Papa Jack - recipe can be found at Pioneer Woman.  I LOVE her site!  Fabulous recipes and a quirky sense of humor make for one enticing blog!  Here are some pics of Father's Day my daughter, Kirstyn, collaged.

Top row - My brother, sis-n-law, me and Ashlyn/Kirstyn/Colby, Kay, Grandma & Aunt Linda playing Rummikub;  Middle row - Ashlyn saying "I'm sad"/ Karren & Ashlyn;  Bottom row - Dad with Ashlyn's doll/Kerri/Papa Jack.

I am truly blessed to have such good men in my life.  My dad has been wonderful to me and helped me in ways I can never repay!  Working hard, stressful jobs and long hours to take care of his family.  My step-dad, Gerard, loves to serve others - a good example.  He always cooks for everyone and he'll even fix your plate and hand deliver it to you - service with a smile.  Papa Jack has always been my bestest Grandpa ever - I'm a bit spoiled and prejudiced about him!  From keeping me when Dad was working on the boats to taking me to church and LUBY'S!!!!, and even slipping his dentures out to give me the willies - :).  It was a very Happy Father's Day for everyone!

Last of all, I think I'll post a couple of pics of my girls since I recently posted some of Ryan.  The first is a pic of Kirstyn & Colby's engagement photos taken by Jacelyn Sparks.  The second is a snapshot of Malissia and Kirstyn - my 2 beautiful daughters.  Two completely different personalities and I love them both!

Well, that about sums up my weekend.  Hope everyone had just as good of a weekend!

K.  Bye, now!