Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm dreaming of a bathroom remodel...or two!

Usually I get the urge to remodel & or redecorate in Spring, so why this is constantly on my mind now I cannot fathom.  I want to remodel my bathroom!  I have gone so far as to take measurements of the space and look up some of the items I want. 

Why is it that I can Google thousands of pictures of bathrooms and cannot find ONE that remotely resembles what I am looking for?!?  I am somewhere between Cottage and French Country. 

Here are a few items I have found at Home Depot that I LOVE (I looked around on competitors sites and the prices were nearly Home Depot and I will be renewing our friendship!)

MOEN Glenshire Pivoting Mirror
 This is the item that actually started the whole "I need a new bathroom" urge!  Who wouldn't love an oval pivoting mirror (or 2) in their bathroom?  It's absolutely lovely and I can see myself owning it in the near future!

I have a color scheme in mind...soft whites, brushed nickel fixtures, a lovely green on the walls with dark plum or raisin colored accent pieces. 

MOEN Eva 4" centerset faucet

MOEN Eva 2-Handle Roman Tub faucet
I love the soft curves and delicate lines on these faucets!  They are beautiful and I know I will enjoy using them for many years.

In addition, MOEN has several other pieces I am drooling over...take a look at these:

MOEN Lounge 24" Towel Bar

MOEN Lounge Towel Ring
MOEN Lounge Eruopean Single Post Toilet Paper Holder
I found a couple of lighting fixtures I like...of course, at Home Depot!

Glomar 3 Light 17" Flush Mount Light

Glomar Empire 2 Light 15" Vanity Light
After a bit of research I have decided I want to purchase a Corian countertop in Rain the resemblance to Cararra Marble without the upkeep and the more economical pricing.  Again, it is available at Home Depot!
Corian Rain Cloud
I have searched and searched for the style of cabinets I want, but I am afraid I will have to have them custom built...I cannot find EXACTLY what I am looking for!  :(  However, I have found something very close...

Vanity Countertop

Cabinet at end of tub
After much debate, I have opted to keep my drop in sink, toilet & tub and to keep them where they are.  This will save me MUCH money!  Because of this decision, I need the vanity to have the sink hole on the far right hand side of the cabinet.  The space fot this cabinet is 53".  I want 36" tall cabinets.  I would love the cabinet doors to be directly under the sink with a shelf inside, a drop down sitting area (at 30-32"?), and 4 small drawers on the far left hand side next to the wall.  I'm not the least bit picky, huh?

The cabinet at the end of the tub is a concept I have not completely made up my mind on.  The space is approximately 24" wide between the wall and the tub.  I want 2 stacked drawers on the floor, each deep enough to contain a rectangular laundry basket.  I would like some form of shelving/cubby on top of this, but I don't want it to go to the ceiling.  I want the look of a separate piece of furniture.  I would love there to be a small cabinet on the outer side (29" depth) with a shelf in it for linen storage, with a narrow (4-6") cubby with a shelf on the side facing the tub that would hold candles and a couple of pretty knick-knacks.

Sigh.  I can see it...but I can't find it!  Hopefully I'll find a contractor who can build this for me without too much expense.

I have not been able to decide on a floor tile, a backsplash, or paint.  I know I want the cabinets painted antique white and the walls a soft shade of green, but finding the exact color is going to be a bit of a challenge for me.

I am hoping to re-do this bathroom on a $2,500-$3,000 budget.  We will see.  In addition, I'd like to update the guest bath for less than $500!  :)  I'm picturing beachy cottage!  Pristine white bead boarding on all the walls to about 8" higher than the pedastal sink (we already have!).  Again, I do not want to buy new sink, tub or toilet, nor do I want to move them.  I'd like to paint the upper walls a nice, bright aqua blue and use silver accents.  I have 2 doors on the ceiling to floor linen cabinet that I would like to change out and buy new knobs, a new shower curtain and towels, and a new light fixture...maybe a small chandelier?  And I'm really hankering for a tile floor done in 1" squares of white with an occassional black tile thrown into the mix.  Can anyone else picture this?  If I can get this done over the winter months I'll definitely post pictures! 

Once that's done, I hope to tear down the wallpaper and trim in the living room and paint the walls RAISING with a soft white (grey tone) paint for the trim and the bookshelves.  Nothing like BIG plans!  Oh well, I redecorated 3 bedrooms this Spring!  There should be no reason I cannot get 2 relatively small bathrooms and a living room done this Winter!  :) 

Wish me luck! 

K.  Bye now!