Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, Monday

Back to work today!  Tons of emails to work, a few voice mail messages to respond to, and then...the paperwork!  Seriously - a major fire hazard!  :)  Oh well, job stability.

This weekend was rather eventful.  I had a class in San Antonio so I brought along Kirstyn.  We had a  nice stay in the hotel - it was very pretty.  BUT as luck would have it (:)) with all the rooms in an 8 story building MY hotel room was on the 8th floor!  :(  AND all 4 elevators were GLASS!!!  Kirstyn got a good laugh out of it, but it was pure torture for this "height sensitive" person!  I cannot complain about the hotel room or the service.  It was fabulous!  And the Life & Health Insurance class I was there for was pretty interesting, too, for a L&H class, that is!  :)

Malissia went along to Round Rock for the Youth Conference there Thursday - Saturday.  Such great reports were sent back.  The wonderful testimonies - I wish I could have been there!  Awesome church.

Getting excited and ready to go to Ink's Lake next week.  It's gonna be loads of fun and I hope to have some pictures to post.

And all along the way, God has tugged at my heartstrings.  With all of the stresses and cares of day to day living in this world, it has been nice to feel His presence so close to me when I felt so alone.  My Sunday morning prayer meeting was just the soul cleansing experience I needed!  Can't wait to meet with Him again - this evening! 

Well, I have no complaints.  Many cares, many worries, but no complaints! 

K.  Bye, now.