Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday

The sewing marathon has begun!  Last week I finished fitting the wedding patterns to the bridesmaids and the birthday dress to Malissia.  I've cut out the corset to the Cinderella ball gown for the birthday and cut out the tops to the bridesmaid dresses.  I have the bolero's pinned on and ready to cut as soon as I get home.  Then to cut out the skirts and mark all my pieces.  Tomorrow is going to be crammed full of sewing bridesmaid dresses!  They have to be finished before I will allow myself to work on the birthday dress!

Kirstyn & Colby want to come to the party as Shrek & Fiona - how funny, and appropriate! - so I will probably have to work on those later.  I don't expect those to be as hard.  I have no idea what Ryan will come as - we'll discuss that this weekend when he comes home for a visit.  IF I have any time left over, I'd like to come as Jo from Little Women.  We'll see....

Tonight is the lingerie shower/bachelorette party for Jayde.  Fun, fun, fun.  I won't be staying for the night, but I'll be there for the gifts and the food (of course!).  The wedding is in 2 WEEKS!  Hard to believe it's here already.  I know they are excited.

Monday will begin Round 3 of Game On, the diet game.  I'm excited.  We have 14 ladies playing this time.  I'm trying to start a simultaneous round at work and have 5 confirmed and 1 maybe playing.  Woo-hoo!

With craft sale coming up I've decided to pull out an old craft that I haven't made in about 12 years.   My jack-o-lantern dolls.  They have a plastic jack-o-lantern head and a softly stuffed cloth body with muslin hands & feet.  They are so cute with their floppy bodies.  They can be used as a treat bag for children going trick-or-treating, or they can be used as a candy jar on a mantle, centered on a table, or on the edge of a desk at work.  They truly are adorable.  I've probably made 100 of them in the past.  I'm not sure what my baked goods are going to be yet.  I'll get that set in stone AFTER the wedding!

Happy Friday, ya'll!   See you on Monday!