Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy, busy weekend

The sewing frenzy has begun!  I have finished cutting all the pattern pieces to the 3 bridesmaid dresses, ironed on the interfacing and marked all the pieces for pleats, darts, etc....  Tonight I begin!  Bridesmaid Dress Marathon!  Woo-hoo.  Bring it on.

I was able to cut out the Cinderella dress this weekend,also.  It only took me 10 hours!  10 HOURS!  600 MINUTES!  OMW!  I haven't marked any of the pieces, just cut fabric, lining, netting, crinoline, and interfacing.  Oh, and that was with a rotary blade!  I'm tired just re-thinking about it!  I think I am going to let Malissia mark the pieces for me!  :)  That ought to keep her busy for a year or two.

In other news - Ryan came home to visit for the weekend.  It was a nice visit.  I have missed him terrible.  Everytime he comes home he looks skinnier!  He went to church with me yesterday morning and last night.  It was really nice.  Last nights service was soooo good.  It's so wonderful to go to a church where the Holy Ghost is allowed to move - where man's idea of the perfect order of service is put aside to make room for His will.  God came and visited with us during song service.  It was such a sweet spirit.  Ryan was moved and went to the altar.  He prayed so good.  He did not get victory - but he will if he keeps going back to the throne of God.  If he will just believe that he is worthy by the grace of God to receive the Holy Ghost, to receive strength, power, joy, hope, love, faith...there is nothing to big for my God.  I will be praying for Ryan more and more.  I know that he has a desire to live for God, he just needs a made up mind.  He needs some deep rooted convictions and the backbone to stand up for them.  It was a step, a very important step, and I am thankful that God touched his heart again - reminded him of Who was in control.

Today begins Round 3 of Game On.  There are 14 of us playing this round.  I am excited!  I can't wait to see what happens this go around.  I hd the hardest time coming up with a bad habit to break.  Not because I am perfect, but because it needed to be something I can work on EVERY day.  I finally decided to make my bed up each morning before I leave the house.  I am really bad about making my bed up.  I get in a rush, jump out of bed and return to my room only to put on clothes before running out the front door.  It's something that I need to do and I can do.  I thought about my good habit, too.  I considered a prayer meeting with my girls (family prayer) to add to the bible studies we've been having.  However, I decided I needed to think outside the box (my house).  I am going to write a letter each day to an elderly person in our church and mail it to them.  Not necessarily the same person each day.  I think it's important that we bridge the gap between the youth and the elderly.  They paved the way for us, we owe them some respect and acknowledgement.  I need to learn to think of others.  This will be good for me and will hopefully bring joy to others. 

Is that enough for one day?  Oh, well...there's always tomorrow!  See ya!