Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 SETX Youth Conference and Growing Up

It has been ONE WILD RIDE this weekend.  Whew!  Hard to catch my breath, but I wouldn't change one thing!

Our youth conference was Thursday through Sunday.  Bro. Frazier, Bro. Lambeth and Bro. Boyd preached their hearts out!  So meaningful, on point, and EXACTLY what I needed to hear!  I must confess that for me the conference may have began the Sunday before when Bro. Schwing preached for us.  Everything has been about keeping your heart clean, not letting the things of the world get in the way, stepping up to what God wants us to be &/or do.  I'm certain it's nothing we've never heard before, but it was SOOO good to hear it again, and in a new and fresh perspective. 

It did my heart good to see so many of our youth get such a blessing during each service.  The choir and all of our groups sang so beautifully to His glory!  There is no talent greater than that which is annointed by God!

The food and fellowship afterwards was enjoyable and entertaining.  Links and boudain one night and hamburgers the next.  Most people went to Cheddars Saturday after service.  The skits on Saturday night were hilarious - thanks to all who worked so hard to make us laugh!  New friendships were formed and who knows where these last few days will take us.  Can't wait to see!

We moved Ryan into his first apartment Sunday.  I am so very proud of him.  He has applied himself to getting his business in order and being responsible enough to deal with it.  Oh, there have been, and will continue to be, bumps in the road.  That's just a part of life.  It rains on the just and the unjust.  We were able to help him get all of his furniture set up in an order which allowed him to function and flow.  A few "masculine" pictures of deer and the great outdoors "manned" up his space a bit.  Thanks to me, Me-Me and Pawpaw Gerard, he has a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer.  He won't go hungry for a while.  Should give him some time to get his act together and save a bit of money up.  I'll be going back up Saturday to help him get a couple more items to finish out his list (this was my graduation gift to him!) and then I'll have to step back and watch him fly or fall.  It's not easy being a parent, but this is the moment we all strive towards.  I pray he will remember Who has kept him all along the way and find his way back to His house!  After all, THAT is the most important part of learning to be an adult.  Learning to take direction from our Creator!

Well, I think that's about it.  Oh, I did finally finish painting my room and hope to get the pictures and curtains hung up tonight.  I do have a few more things to do to get my house in order, especially with the transfer of furniture around the house to Ryan's new abode!  Hopefully this will help me strive towards my goal of LESS CLUTTER! 

Last of all, I started another round of the Game On.  To date I have lost 18 lbs and maintained.  I still have about 30 lbs to go - so wish me luck and less weight!  Hahahaha! 

K.  Bye, now!