Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday, Malissia Lynn!

Yesterday was my baby's 17th birthday!  It doesn't seem possible!  She has grown into such a lovely young woman and I am extremely proud of her!

Kirstyn, Ryan, Malissia & Anthony
She was the child that slept from 7pm until 7am from the night she came home from the hospital.  She never cried...well, almost never!  When she did cry, all she wanted was Daddy!  Such a blessed relief!  If he didn't get up with her, she would cry until he did.  How many times he fell asleep sitting in the rocking chair while his hand was just inside the crib so she would sleep!?!  Hahaha!


Malissia has always exhibited a sweet disposition, always wanting to make others happy and maintain peace.  However...with a sister like Kirstyn and a brother like Ryan she quickly had to learn how to defend and stand up for herself! 

Golden Corral's cotton candy!  YUMMY!
 Some of you may not know that Malissia's nickname is Snacky.  I know, I're all wondering...WHY?  Well, that's because Malissia thinks that sugar is it's own food group!  :)  She loves her some Skittles, cotton candy, AND oddly enough, Macaroni & Cheese!  Beware...if any candies come in individually wrapped packages, you may find them hidden under the base of a lamp, tucked into the side of the couch, under a pillow, between mattresses, etc...!  For some reason, she believes this is what she is supposed to do with the wrappers when she eats the candy! 

Bronwyn & Malissia
Cora, Malissia & Kirstyn
Malissia & Carissa
Malissia & Autumn
She has many friends.  God has blessed her with good friends at church, at school, and they are very close!

My Beautiful Daughter

Malissia Lynn Barrick
She has grown into such a lovely young lady.  She is learning to lean on and trust in God.  She is preparing to one day become a wife and mother and to cherish these opportunities.  She is crafty and artistic, loves to sew and cook, and loves animals.  Her favorite pasttime is reading (and eating candy, lol). 

Malissia, you truly are a joy and bring such a great measure of love to our family.  I love you bunches and bunches and pray God's bountiful blessings on your life.


K.  Bye, now!