Thursday, October 13, 2011


What you need to know is that me and the gals I work with are foodies!  FOOD FREAKS!  We are all about lunch.  Oh, we try to be good.  Bring a boxed lunch, sandwich supplies, left overs...but on Friday's - that's all out of the window.  And the one thing you don't mess with is our Friday lunches - which sometimes take place on Monday, or Wednesday, or whatever!  Trust me - if you mess with our lunch, we WILL talk about you behind your back.  And it WON'T be nice!  Grrr....

Aaaanyway - yesterday we went to this FABULOUS Thai restaurant in Beaumont.  Chaba.  'Nuff said.  You MUST go there.  3 of us split 2 dinners and it was plenty of food.  Delicious doesn't even begin to describe the wonderfulness that we devoured.  The delectable flavors, oh my!  OH MY!  Oh my!  Sigh...I'm afraid I'm already addicted.  Go there.  Try it out!  You will NOT be disappointed.  I promise.  Unless your wierd or something.

We frequent Cafe Del Rio, too - so much so that we call it "The Use" - short for usual.  The fajitas and fajita salad are exactly right.  Tender and delicious.  Drool now!  K.  Now clean yourself up.  Here's a napkin...go ahead, use it!  The chips are usually fresh and crisp, the salsa is yummilicious, and the grilled jalapenos are TO DIE for - no lie.  I don't lie.  Really! 

Oh, there are other places we like to go - Jason's Deli, Chili's, Olive Garden, but these places are really only for some variety. The foods good, atmosphere is fun, but we could live with 'em or without 'em.  Well, maybe not Jason's.  You get the picture.

Food.  Comfort food.  Soul food.  Fun food.  Ahhhh, that's it.  It's the fun.  And we do have fun at lunch.  You don't even want to know.  Because if you know, and if you know us, we're probably having fun about YOU!  Hahaha!  I know, I'm being facetious.  Look it up.

K.  I've babbled enough now.  Must be the hives.  Don't ask.  Bye, now!