Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

This post is completely frivolous, no depth or merit to it at all!  Over the last 5-6 years my girls and I have "dreamed" of what they want for their weddings.  As some of you know, my oldest, Kirstyn, will be making her debut as Mrs. Colby Howell on March 09, 2013!  :) 

All this wedding talk has put Malissia, my youngest (16) in a frenzy of dreaming up her picture perfect "princess" wedding.  I am creating today's post for no other reason than to post a picture of these shoes that she found online at ETSY, but I am unable to pin it to my pinterest board for some unknown reason - probably because the one of a kind shoes have sold and are no longer available.  I want the picture so that we can either order them or make them ourselves when the time comes - SEVERAL years from now.

"Something Blue" Ballet Shoes
To give credit where credit is due, there are MANY more lovely shoes found at BeholdenBridal on ETSY.  Check her out!  Beautiful work making dreams come true!  :)

K.  Bye, now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Charity, Love & the Heart

This weekend was nice.  Productive and relaxing all at the same time.  Went to the gym Friday night to fellowship, play games and play ball.  I participated in the fellowship - not so much the games or ball!  I had already had my exercise for the day and they were playing Nertz - a game I refuse to play.  My OCD kicks in and I get frustrated!  Not good for me, but hilarious to the other players!

Saturday was nice, slept all the way to 9:30am!  WOW!  Got up, had coffee, and cleaned out my sewing space.  I also cleaned out several drawers in my bedroom to make room for my fabric stash.  The drawers previously held remnants of old crafts that I have not and will not use or complete.  I filled up a trash bag and a box of TRASH to throw away, filled 3 bags full of stuff to bring to Goodwill, and placed a small handful of "keepers" in my closet on the shelf.  This gave me 4 drawers to place my fabric stash in.  I filled them to capacity!

Since this cleared up much needed space in my sewing area, I was able to re-organize my pattern collection.  WHEW!  I have a LOT of patterns!  :)  No complaints here, though!  After I got that all straightened out, we completely filled my trunk up with Goodwill donations, dropped them off at the local donation center, and headed to Bridge City for another night of good food, fellowship and NERTZ!  Again - I watched from a distance!  :)

Sunday was a beautiful day - my car temperature registered a nice, toasty 103!!!  Let me tell you this - if you've ever spent a summer in SETX, you will want to get your life straight with God!  Hell's gonna be HOT!  HOTTER than here!  :)  Bro. Hammer preached his heart out Sunday morning - admonishing us to keep our old landmarks and to stop putting pressure on him to move them or remove them!  Thank God for strong men of God who will stand up and stand firm.  Pray for the ministry daily!  They are under siege daily by Satan and the pressures of this world.  They are only human, after all, and it can be so taxing on them mentally, physically and spiritually!  Bro. Cade Howard preached last night, but I didn't get to hear him because our team was serving baked potatoes and dessert ole's after church and we had to head out to the kitchen. 

Since we have been studying about being a submissive wife, it has really got me stirred up.  Being a submissive wife has SO MUCH material to review.  It also parallels our submissiveness to God.  One of the basic bonds between a husband and wife is love.  This got me to thinking, so yesterday afternoon I took a few minutes to study I Corinthians Chapter 13:

Profound, no?  I took the time to look up the words Charity, Love, and Heart in the Miriam-Webster dictionary.  Charity is defined a "benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity".  Love is defined as "strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties".  Heart is defined as "one's innermost character, feelings, or inclinations; the central or innermost parts; the essential or most vital part of something". 

I believe in the text from I Corinthians, love can be substituted for charity.  However, if my heart is not right, clean, pure...it is unable to contain true charity/love.  Quite a bit to think about, I should say.  Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.  The words of David ring in my mind.  What a pitiful creature I am but for the grace of God.  I am thankful today for the Holy Ghost, for it's cleansing power, for the change it continually creates in me.  If there be any good thing in me, all the glory goes to Him, my creator, my savior, my friend, Jesus.  I am so thankful for the redeeming blood of Calvary that still flows today.  Our next goal will be to memorize I Corinthians Chapter 13 in its entirety.  It's good to memorize God's work and keep it safely in your heart everywhere you go.


K.  Bye, now!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer's here!

Today is Friday - JOY!  This is going to be one busy weekend at the Barrick's as we attempt to get the house in order.  It's still not back to normal after SETX Youth Conference and moving Ryan into his apartment.

I leave Wednesday for some continuing education classes in San Antonio and will head out Friday evening after my last class to Round Rock for the last 2 days of their conference.  I'll be back one full week before turning around and heading off to Ink's Lake State Park for 6 glorious days of lazing in the sun and water!  Can't wait!

Last night we continued on with our Bible study focusing on becoming a submissive wife.  We studied a bit about what it means to be a HELP MEET to our husband.  We learned that God created man first and then created us last of all when Adam could find no help meet.  He needed someone to help him.  Our purpose in this world is to be a help meet to our husband - to help meet HIS needs.  That's our duty and we should perform that duty with all longsuffering and diligence. 

We also learned about communication.  How important it is to actually LISTEN to what he needs us to hear.  We studied about how it's probably not the best idea to take all of our cares and burdens to him as soon as he walks in the door from a long, hard day at work, or at the end of a stressful day.  Nor is it a good idea to nag him to death as soon as he wakes up, especially if he is not a morning person!  :)  Last of all, regarding communication, we learned how important it is to talk and plan, for the next 5 minutes and the next 5 years.  Discuss where you are each at, where you are going, who you are with, ways to contact each other in the event of a change in plans....  Lack of communication on any of these levels can be at the least frustrating and maddening, and at the worst devestating and destructive.

The last thing we studied was regarding being a pastor's wife, although it actually applies to the wife of any man in any profession.  It was just a quick overview of the duty of a wife towards her husband in the public eye.  How to always praise and lift him up, to never chastise or speak ill of him, even in jest.  How the smallest innocent comment can plant seeds of doubt and disrespect in the hearts and minds of others.  We learned how important it is to stand up for him when his character is being attacked and how we need to listen to him (again, communication) and offer advise ONLY when he asks for it.  And most importantly, how we must pray diligently for him - for God to use him and inspire him, for him to be rooted and grounded in truth, and to give him strength to meet the needs of those in his flock, or those who depend upon him.  Most of all - pray that God will protect and guide him safely day to day.

One note that I need to make...I did not do all of this major research on my own.  Outside of searching the scriptures, there are a few blogs which inspire me and provide profound insight.  I take what I want and leave what I don't - although it is rare, I don't always agree wholeheartedly and there is sometimes a difference in faith/beliefs.  Nevertheless, I wanted to provide their links here so you can enjoy them, too.

Raising Homemakers
The Purposeful Mom
A Cherished Keeper
Simply Helping Him

Enjoy!  K.  Bye, now!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain
My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened/
Forever He will reign…
My God is Awesome/Savior of the whole world/Giver of Salvation/By His stripes I am healed
My God is Awesome/Today I am forgiven/His grace is why I’m living/Praise His Holy name

This was the song that was playing on the radio on my drive in to work this morning.  What a wonderful, refreshing way to begin my day!

Last night the girls and I began a new bible study on becoming a submissive wife according to God's divine plan.  Kirstyn had been busy cleaning the kitchen and eating her 2 cups of veggies (why she didn't eat them earlier with her meal, I'll never know!) while Malissia ran back and forth from my room to her bedroom to check her phone and see if she got a text or missed call from "someone special"!  The cat continuously purred and bumped his forehead against anything he thought might scratch him.  I have no idea where the dog was....  Finally they settled down enough to concentrate.  They piled up on my bed, leaving me no choice but to curl up in the recliner!  :) 

I can see that this will be no small bible study, but will encompass many aspects of the wife's daily role as a help meet to her husband, a mother to her children and a worker for the Lord.  If we are not submissive to God how can we ever hope to be submissive to our husband?  The first step towards following that plan is to have a direct line of communication.  To completely understand what is needed, required, in a relationship - what each party expects - they need to be able to talk.

To me, the most important line of communication is between myself and God.  Prayer.  It is the basis, the most fundamental part, of a relationship with Christ.  The scriptures give us many examples of prayer - when to pray, where to pray, how to pray, who to pray for, what to pray for...the most single example of this is the Lord's Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13.  He does not ask us to "repeat after him" this simple prayer, rather he asks that we pray "after this manner".  Clearly verse 7 states, "but when you pray, do not use vain repetitions, as the heathen do...."

I explained to the girls that I like to review the Lord's Prayer in my mind as I pray - it helps me stay focused on the many things I need to touch on while I pray.  Clearly it shows that the beginning and ending of each prayer is to be used to glorify and magnify God, to give Him praise for who He is.  I petition God for my needs and the needs of others, for forgiveness and for grace to forgive others.  I pray for strength for my trials and temptations, for deliverance of the cares in this life that plague me.  When I end my prayer in praise to Him, it gives me such a sweet chance to worship and glorify Him.  I've never heard God speak audibly to me, but I have heard him speak to my heart, known Him to change my mind and thoughts, felt Him fill my soul with peace and joy and love.  Nothing compares to the joy of the Holy Ghost when it floods your soul.

Many times in my life, through prayer He has been able to show me myself, in all of my imperfections and misconceptions.  He has shown me that most of the time it's not the other person at fault, it's me.  He has given me opportunity to make right wrongs I committed, even unknowingly.  He answers my prayers.  I've seen miracles time and again.  Healings of the body, of marriages, of lives and souls that were on the verge of destruction.  I've seen him provide when jobs were lost, money was insufficient, and needs seemed impossible to meet.  All answers to prayers.  Had I not prayed and made supplication to Him, He wouldn't have been able to show these things to me and I would not have the faith in Him that I cherish.

To me, this is very similar to the communication between a husband and wife.  It is imperative that your relationship is such that you can begin and end your day uplifting and encouraging each other.  All throughout the day you should be able to go to each other with needs and concerns and be able to listen to each other, even constructive criticism, to become more what the other needs and more firmly establish yourselves to each other.  Marriage is a bond like no other and to be able to talk and nurture each other is a gift that keeps on giving and growing.

That being said, I gave them their first challenge - to find a way to incorporate prayer into their daily lives so that it becomes an integral part of their day.    They need to have a plan, a goal, by tonight.  Then we will discuss implementing that plan immediately.  I can't wait to see where this will take us.  What an exciting journey it will be.  I love my daughters, and my son, unconditionally and with my whole heart.  It is my utmost desire that they live for God first and have a loving, lifelong marriage second and a fulfilled, happy family and life third.

K.  Bye, now.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

It was another busy weekend at the Barrick's!  Friday evening I decided to finish putting my room together.  Here are some photos of my new "sanctuary"!  I love it.  It is so peaceful and restful.  Just what I wanted.

Saturday my Mom and I went to check on Ryan again.  He is doing fabulous in his new apartment.  Now all he needs is a new job.  Please help me pray for this.  I went to the grocery store for him and bought a few things I wasn't able to get last weekend.  Then I cooked pork chops and roasted veggies for him.  Delicious!  Malissia baked and iced some cupcakes for him - sweet sister! 

Sunday I started off the  morning baking my Father's Day gifts.  Blueberry squares (like cheesecake with cool whip!) for Dad, Gerard, and extra for the family gathering, and a Pig cake for Papa Jack - recipe can be found at Pioneer Woman.  I LOVE her site!  Fabulous recipes and a quirky sense of humor make for one enticing blog!  Here are some pics of Father's Day my daughter, Kirstyn, collaged.

Top row - My brother, sis-n-law, me and Ashlyn/Kirstyn/Colby, Kay, Grandma & Aunt Linda playing Rummikub;  Middle row - Ashlyn saying "I'm sad"/ Karren & Ashlyn;  Bottom row - Dad with Ashlyn's doll/Kerri/Papa Jack.

I am truly blessed to have such good men in my life.  My dad has been wonderful to me and helped me in ways I can never repay!  Working hard, stressful jobs and long hours to take care of his family.  My step-dad, Gerard, loves to serve others - a good example.  He always cooks for everyone and he'll even fix your plate and hand deliver it to you - service with a smile.  Papa Jack has always been my bestest Grandpa ever - I'm a bit spoiled and prejudiced about him!  From keeping me when Dad was working on the boats to taking me to church and LUBY'S!!!!, and even slipping his dentures out to give me the willies - :).  It was a very Happy Father's Day for everyone!

Last of all, I think I'll post a couple of pics of my girls since I recently posted some of Ryan.  The first is a pic of Kirstyn & Colby's engagement photos taken by Jacelyn Sparks.  The second is a snapshot of Malissia and Kirstyn - my 2 beautiful daughters.  Two completely different personalities and I love them both!

Well, that about sums up my weekend.  Hope everyone had just as good of a weekend!

K.  Bye, now!

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 SETX Youth Conference and Growing Up

It has been ONE WILD RIDE this weekend.  Whew!  Hard to catch my breath, but I wouldn't change one thing!

Our youth conference was Thursday through Sunday.  Bro. Frazier, Bro. Lambeth and Bro. Boyd preached their hearts out!  So meaningful, on point, and EXACTLY what I needed to hear!  I must confess that for me the conference may have began the Sunday before when Bro. Schwing preached for us.  Everything has been about keeping your heart clean, not letting the things of the world get in the way, stepping up to what God wants us to be &/or do.  I'm certain it's nothing we've never heard before, but it was SOOO good to hear it again, and in a new and fresh perspective. 

It did my heart good to see so many of our youth get such a blessing during each service.  The choir and all of our groups sang so beautifully to His glory!  There is no talent greater than that which is annointed by God!

The food and fellowship afterwards was enjoyable and entertaining.  Links and boudain one night and hamburgers the next.  Most people went to Cheddars Saturday after service.  The skits on Saturday night were hilarious - thanks to all who worked so hard to make us laugh!  New friendships were formed and who knows where these last few days will take us.  Can't wait to see!

We moved Ryan into his first apartment Sunday.  I am so very proud of him.  He has applied himself to getting his business in order and being responsible enough to deal with it.  Oh, there have been, and will continue to be, bumps in the road.  That's just a part of life.  It rains on the just and the unjust.  We were able to help him get all of his furniture set up in an order which allowed him to function and flow.  A few "masculine" pictures of deer and the great outdoors "manned" up his space a bit.  Thanks to me, Me-Me and Pawpaw Gerard, he has a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer.  He won't go hungry for a while.  Should give him some time to get his act together and save a bit of money up.  I'll be going back up Saturday to help him get a couple more items to finish out his list (this was my graduation gift to him!) and then I'll have to step back and watch him fly or fall.  It's not easy being a parent, but this is the moment we all strive towards.  I pray he will remember Who has kept him all along the way and find his way back to His house!  After all, THAT is the most important part of learning to be an adult.  Learning to take direction from our Creator!

Well, I think that's about it.  Oh, I did finally finish painting my room and hope to get the pictures and curtains hung up tonight.  I do have a few more things to do to get my house in order, especially with the transfer of furniture around the house to Ryan's new abode!  Hopefully this will help me strive towards my goal of LESS CLUTTER! 

Last of all, I started another round of the Game On.  To date I have lost 18 lbs and maintained.  I still have about 30 lbs to go - so wish me luck and less weight!  Hahahaha! 

K.  Bye, now!