Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parent Taught Drivers Education - YUCK!

Yesterday Malissia and I were going to get her Drivers License.  Much to our dismay, we discovered we were unprepared.  I had called the local DPS office and was told to have her VOE form from school, her permit, another photo ID, her SS card, her Birth Certificate, her proof of Drivers Ed class and a verification form.  The only thing we didn't know about was the verification form.  We stopped by the Drivers Ed school to pick up her classroom certification when they notified us that #1 we needed to go to the DPS or online to get an app to mail, along with $20 to the Austin office to get a packet that would include the verification form I was looking for.  SIGH!!!

The Orange DPS office is much quicker, so I called them to see when they would close.  It was after 4:30pm by this time and they close at 5:00pm.  No time to get there!  THEN the lady at the DPS office informs me that I will need to mail the app to the Austin office with $20 and that will allow the DPS to send me a packet of information allowing me to purchase the Parent Taught Driver Ed documents that need to be completed before Malissia can apply for the Driving Test and get her license!  SCREAM!!!  This packet will cost about another $85!

It's NOT that it's so much money - I just wish someone would have offered the driving portion in a class - that's how I did it with Kirstyn and Ryan and it was SOOO much easier - much less hassle!  Plus, if you have to PAY for a list of packets and then PAY for the packet itself, kind of a rip-off, money-making scam by the Texas DPS, NO?  Grrrr....

So the app and check are in the mail and now I have to wait about 2 weeks before I get the list of packets.  THEN I can send that off and wait who knows how long for the packet to come in, then I get to wait for us to complete the time frame the packet determines, and THEN we get to go apply for her TXDL!!!  AAAuuuurrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Does anyone else feel my frustration?  I need a good prayer meeting and a really intense workout session! 

Oh, well.  I'll get over it, I'm sure!  Meantime, Friday is the Bridal Portraits and Saturday is the Engagement Portraits.  I know, I know...it seems a little wierd doing everything all at once, but the photographer is from Indiana and is coming in for this 2 week time frame, and we have no idea when she'll be back, so we have to do what we have to do when we can do it!  :)  Fun, fun, fun!

K.  Bye, now!