Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game ON!

I apologize for no post yesterday - the virus has hit our household and it hasn't been pretty!  Poor Malissia!  She is on the mend now and hopefully will be back in school tomorrow!  Other than that, not too much to blog about except the Pot Luck at my house Monday evening to announce the winners of Game On Round 2.

And the winners are: Sis. Karen, Sis. Rhonda & Kirstyn!  Woo-hoo!  They each were the lucky recipients of 6 $10 gift cards to various retail stores and restaurants.  Collectively we (all 9 ladies) lost 90 lbs!  In 4 weeks!  Winners, all!  Yea!  Are you tired of my exclamation points yet?  :)

We had a wonderful time - lots of food, enchilada casserole, chicken salad sandwiches, Italian pasta salad, spinach & strawberry salad, butter beans, and I can't remember everything else.  The funniest thing was that everyone brought a dessert!  A yummy raspberry filled cake from Rao's, pumpkin cake, strawberry pie, cookies, cranberry orange bread, and more.  We sure know how to feed!  It was fun going over all the ups and downs, issues with habits, time frames for meals, what constitutes a "sanctioned" meal, weight fluctuation - the whole 9 yards.  The two main things I realized is #1 - every body is different, and #2 - everybody lost weight!  This diet works!  It's doable.  It's maintainable.  It can become a lifestyle! 

I'm looking forward to Round 3 which starts next Monday.  We have about 14 people wanting to play now, with 3 more we are trying to convince that the CAN do this - it's not too hard.  Fun, fun, fun.  We all agreed that the best part of the whole thing (other than losing weight and becoming healthier) is the communication requirement.  We are a random group of women (various ages and families) united with a common goal.  This game has given us a chance to refreshen friendships and get to know each other better.  I enjoy sending emails to my friends as much as I enjoy receiving them!  All in all, it's been a blast!  I totally recommend anyone interested in having fun, bonding with friends and losing weight buy the book - Game On Diet. 

I'm proud to be a LOSER!  :)  Tasha, I know you will enjoy that statement more than anyone else!  K.  Bye now!