Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A great time was had by all

The birthday bash was a huge success.  There was lots of food, fun and frivolity!  The cake was beautiful, the punch was delish!  The cake balls were the success of the night!  Many thanks to my friends without whom I could not have pulled this off.  Brittany made the cake, Rhonda made the cake balls, Michelle made the punch, and Daina, Lisa, Stephanie, Jamie, Rose & Sis. Hammer helped me with the food.  Corrina and Tamara are the creative ladies behind the candy buffet.  My talented and creative co-worker, Crystal and her daughters are totally responsible for the name cards they made for all the food and candy.  Great job, everyone!

A big thanks to Colby for filling all the balloons, even though he probably had more fun than he should have when he started inhaling the helium for our entertainment!

Thanks to Reba, Mom and Gerard for printing and framing the Storybook phrases for our game!  They were soooo cute!  You can see one in the photo below!

A big thanks to Jill, who not only was one of the judges (see below), but made the Sweet Sixteen banner.  She also made the crepe paper curtain, with Mom and Colby's help!  It turned out PERFECT!

Then there were the judges of the costume contest.  They were the most adorable witches ever!  What do you think?
Unfortunately I did not get a good photo of the winners of the costume contest.  Wade won for his Grinch costume.  Kirstyn won for her Fiona costume.  Everyone did such a good job.  Even Ryan came dressed as a cowboy - although I didn't get a picture.  I'll post a few of the pics I do have for your enjoyment.

To top it all off, my brother, sister-in-law and the cutest niece in the world came to the party, too!

I wish you all could have been there.  We all missed you.  You missed out on a lot of fun.  However, I am glad it's over.  I'm tired and in need of LOTS of rest.  I'll leave you with one last photo of Cinderella and her loving, devoted slave, yours truly. 

K.  Bye, now!