Monday, January 30, 2012


This weekend was full of hard work, happy times and SECRETS finally revealed!  We have been painting all 3 bedrooms and it is taking soooo long (I am a bit of a detail freak).  I have one coat of paint (Windsor Greige-sandy brown) on the ceiling and walls in my room and Colby hung the new ceiling fan sans the blades.  I have a second coat to apply and then paint the trim.  I haven't decided if I'll paint any special details yet.

Kirstyn's room is turning out beautifully.  The walls and trim are finished.  Peppercorn (dark gray) on the walls and Black Magic on the trim.  The ceiling needs painted (Lazy Gray) and then we have a ribbon damask stencil to paint on 2 walls in the Black Magic, Fabulous Red and Dover Gray.  I expect it to be beautiful when complete.

Malissia's room is very Malissia-ish!  We painted the ceiling and walls in Steel Grey and she is almost finished painting the trim - it is Plum Burst (purple).  We have a dandelion stencil that is 44.5 inches tall - ADORABLE.  We will be painting dandelions along the wall in Plum Burst, Rushing Stream (Aqua) and First Kiss (Pink).  WOW!  As I said - VERY Malissia-ish!

Something very special and wonderful happened this weekend.  Colby proposed to Kirstyn and she said YES!  Woo-Hoo!  They have tentatively set a date for March 09, 2013 and I am very happy for both of them.  I expect this year to be full of high anticipation, abundant joy, and extreme frustration.  Keep us all in your prayers!  We do NOT want any bridezillas, or momzillas for that matter!  :)  BTW - we are going to try on wedding dresses tonight!  How fun is that?  I can't wait!

If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, I suggest you look it up.  It's FABULOUS!  I'm too wordy to describe all the possibilities it holds, but trust me when I say - you will NOT be disappointed if you join Pinterest.  It's free!

In other news, the Valentine's banquet is February 11th, the next round of Game On begins February 13 and since I will soon be a Mom-in-law, I HAVE to play!  Our youth group is taking a trip to San Antonio March 15 & 16 and I get to be a chaperone!  Woo-Hoo.  Last, but not least, I am going to Round Top, Texas March 30 & 31.  OMW!  I can hardly sit here and type I am so excited!

Bro. Scott Kerr, Jr. will be starting a revival for us on February 12th.  I am looking forward to many great things.  We began our new bus ministry a few weeks ago.  Last week we had our first child come to Sunday School by bus!  It was so exciting.  This week, she came again and brought her 2 little sisters!  AND 6 more came, too!  One was a 14 year old girl and another a 18 year old boy.  What wonderous news!  The boy must have some religious background because he knew all the songs we sang.  He cried throughout the entire service.  It was very moving.  Please join me in prayer for these souls that God has so much in store for!

I was so excited last night to find out that the children chose to pray for Malissia last night.  Each Sunday night they pray together in the Choir wing.  They usually choose an older young person to single out and pray for - 1 boy and 1 girl, if I have my facts straight!  It was so good - Malissia worshiped all service!  You may not think much of that, but Malissia has quite a bit of pride and it is very hard for her to let her walls down, to let God in and to let others see that joy when it bubbles up.  Last night was different!  Praise God!  He is so good!  I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her.

On another note, I am missing my Ryan.  He doesn't get to come visit very much, he is very busy with school and work.  However, he is in my thoughts and prayers always.  He is due to graduate from high school this Spring and is hoping to join the Coast Guard.  I pray God's divine will in his life.  I pray that no matter what comes, God will direct his footsteps and that Ryan will one day find it within himself to follow God's will and re-dedicate his life to Him.  I know he has a desire in his heart, a tenderness if you will, towards the things of God and I am thankful for that.  I pray that this world does not callous his heart while he wonders around trying to find his purpose in life.  Please keep him in your prayers!

Well, folks - that about brings us all up to date since my last posting, which was forever ago!  Hopefully I will have some pics to show soon - maybe of tonights escapades or some other such nonsense!  Mark your calendars for March 09, 2013!  I'll let you all know if that changes!

K.  Bye now!