Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing Smiley360 Mission

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The good, the bad & the ugly

Since I last posted, the pump has been fixed and everything is working in ship-shape order! 

I've been quite the busy little bee, cleaning out my laundry room, taking apart and cleaning my washer & dryer so it will function more efficiently, cleaning my NASTY cabinets, purchasing a new microfiber mop and loving it!, and learning to make my own (just as efficient, less expensive, environmentally friendly) housecleaning supplies!  I've traded in the dryer sheets and the nasty gunky residue left by liquid softner for 1/2 cup of VINEGAR - works wonderful!  Purchased some Krud Kutter concentrate and it works wonders on EVERYTHING!  I'm getting ready to make my own laundry soap, just waiting on the essential oils to come in at the health store - I'll let you know how it goes.

I've cleaned off the patio - pressure washed it down and cleaned all the patio furniture.  Colby & Gerard put up my LOVELY yard swing.  I've been spending many an evening sitting out on the patio next to the fan enjoying the cool of the evening (the fan keeps the ginormous mosquitos away!).  I've weeded all the flower beds and layed fresh mulch with Colby's help.  Ryan cleaned out my gutters and Colby removed the Christmas lights off the front of my house (yes, I know it's May!). 

I've found a new cleaning schedule with the help of Pinterest that breaks down the inside household chores into tiny manageable portions that the girls and I have divided up amongs ourselves.  LOVIN' IT!!!!

So, everything seems to be going right along, when...BAM - Malissia gets a 6cm cyst on her left ovary and we have to have surgery ASAP!  The doctor said it was dark & cloudy instead of clear and he was worried about #1) possible tumor and #2) possibly losing the entire ovary.  Malissia is only 16 and we did not like either of these forcasts.  So - I turned to God and asked a few friends to help us pray and guess what???  He answered!  The dark cloudy substance was old, clotted blood, and he was able to salvage most of the ovary!  WOO-HOO!

Meantime, my A/C went out in my house and they informed me I needed a new unit inside and out - so there goes another $3,500!  Boo-Hoo!  Well, at least I'll have a new a/c unit with no problems this summer!

I have a few miracles I need to share, too.  They are not mine personally, but still....  My friend Daina's dad, Bro. Wright, was electrocuted underneath his house last week when he was changing some wiring.  There was mud under the house and he had turned off the power to the wires he was working on, but not all the power to the house.  His wrench accidentally touched a random live wire and he was grounded to the mud!  He is FINE!  The doctors can't explain it - called it luck - but I know what it was!  It was God!  He is not burned, he has no internal damage or external damage.  He checked out completely fine.  Oh, and did I tell you that he was home alone when this happened?  He remembers being electrocuted, and then he remembers waking up not attached to the wire.  Praise the Lord!

Also, 2 men affiliated with our church were burned badly in 2 separate incidents.  One was at work teaching a new employee some welding skills and someone had left an oxygen tank nearby and it was leaking up his pants leg.  His leg was badly burned, but he was at church last night - less than 2 weeks later - giving God the glory!  The other man was at home on a backhoe that had an oil leak and he did not know about it.  He was using the backhoe to pile trash and shrubs onto a burn pile when his cabin exploded and caught on fire.  He has some bad burns to his face, hands and upper body, but he is alive and expected to fully recover.  Again - thank you, Jesus!

Last, but NOT least, Sis. Jan, my friend Jill's mom, had a stroke at church Sunday morning a week ago and another stroke about 3 hours later.  She had lost her mobility on her left side and things looked really bad (she already has congestive heart failure).  She came home this Saturday and is doing fine - doesn't even need physical therapy.  She is on a very special diet and can only have 1/3 tsp of salt per day, and she is still weak and tires easily and has to walk with a cane because her left leg gives out every once in a while, but otherwise she is doing so wonderfully!  I can't thank Him enough.  I just wonder how there are people out there that think this is all just a bunch of lucky people - that think He is not real, or that miracles don't happen anymore.  I can't imagine living one day without having Him to cling to.  He is my rock.  I'm so thankful to know truth - to have experienced the Holy Ghost for myself and to know it's real.  My own personal experience that no man can ever take from me.  If you haven't had this experience, I suggest you read Acts 2 and pray for God to give you a revelation of salvation.  It's black and white!

"And then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptised, EVERYONE of you, in the name of Jesus Christ (not the titles Father, Son & Holy Ghost) for the remission (washing away, burial) of your sins and ye SHALL receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (evidenced by speaking in other tongues - can't be taught!).  For the promise is unto YOU, and to YOUR children, even to as many as the Lord our God shall call!" 

K.  Bye now!