Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday mish-mash

Why is it that when we are the recipient of such beautiful weather several days in a row our bodies think we need to be punished and allergies take over?  I am MISERABLE!  Yuck.  Blah.  Ugh!  Anyone feel the same way?  I didn't want to get out of bed, didn't want to go to work, and I don't want to do anything else today.  Sad state of affairs, huh?  Poor lil' ol' me!

On the bright side of things, it is FRIDAY!  Yay!  And it's payday!  Yay!  Woo-Hoo!  I know things are going to get better!  I know I'm going to lose that 1 last pound before Monday that's keeping me from my bonus points!!!

Last night was a lazy night in our house.  I was not up to cooking, so Malissia had PB&J while I had grilled cheese - low fat cheese on whole wheat bread with the tiniest amount of Shedd's Spread.  It was a nice change of pace.  I finished the last of the Shiver books, Forever, and was not satisfied with the ending, of course!  Oh well - if I don't like the way books end I'll need to either stop reading or start writing, and it doesn't look like either of those are prospects right now!

Our Bible Study last night was short & sweet.  Malissia chose to read from the book of Esther.  I LOVE Esther.  We only read the first chapter, which, of course, doesn't mention Esther.  It gave us a chance to look at King Ahasuerus & Queen Vashti.  (Ask Malissia how to pronounce Vashti!  It's quite hilarious!)  I would not have wanted to be Queen Vashti - or Esther, for that matter!  The King was such a self centered, silly fool.  Changing Queen's on whims and emotions - what a man!  To be so powerful - to have such rule, but to have such little sense!  I realize that this was all part of God's plan, but still - the man was weak, weak, weak.  To put your Queen away because she was too modest to be flaunted around in front of your minions like this weeks K-Mart special!  What was he thinking, anyway - trying to show her off - wanting to tempt others, perhaps?  See what I have that you can't?  Really?  Grrr....  And what about those chamberlains?  Ridiculous!  Jealous men - "put her away because if you don't then our wives will be just like her!"  As if!  Who ruled their homes?  You've just got to wonder about it all!  Makes me glad I'm not God!  I'd hate to know that's all I had to work with.  A bunch of silly men.  Oh, well.  It all works out in the end. 

Lord, please don't let my daughters fall for silly men.  Let them fall head over heels with men who are totally dedicated to you - first and foremost.  Real men.  Manly men.  Men who are sure of themselves and their walk with you.  Now, I'm not talking conceited men - just men who are comfortable serving God and proud of a godly wife and who are not afraid to be the husband/father that God intended them to be.  I know they are out there - somewhere!  Lord, please let my daughters have enough sense to seek your will for this decision!  After all, that's what these Bible Studies are all about, right?  Help keep us on track and following Your will!  Thank you in advance for the blessing I know you have ready to pour out on them.  Amen!


  1. Girl, hope you feel better. Nothing like feeling like poo on a Friday. WOOOOHOOOO - One more pound to go. That is awesome and you can do it. :)

  2. i think everyone has the same junk, im headed to walgreens for free vicks drops!!!!

  3. excuse me.... but colby is a manly man.. lol he aint a silly man (well he is funny but you now what i mean) lol