Friday, February 8, 2013

Post Remodel...for now

I have a few updates to share with you on Malissia's (aka the Guest) bathroom.

If you remember from my last post...THIS was the before:

And here we are now...

Standing at the door...looking directly into the bath

New light and mirror - LOVE!!!

Other view of new light and mirror

Wall of pictures next to toilet - these are the pics that came with the frames...we do NOT know these people!  LOL!

Another view of the sink side

The infamous BUTTERFLY-sorry it's blurry!

I apologize for the lighting again because all I had on hand were 2 25watt bulbs that would fit.  I'm going to go buy the 60watt versions this afternoon!  :)

This afternoon we will have the towel rack hung under the butterfly.  If you look closely you will see where we began to hang this, but the anchors that came with it were tiny and fell into the sheetrock.  At 12:00am this was not something we wanted to mess with, so we called it quits.

A big shout out to Papa Gourd (Gerard) for all his hard work.  Without him we would not have managed to hang the new mini-blinds, the light, the toilet paper holder or the hand towel and towel racks.  NOR would we have the doors hung with new hinges and handles!  Or the cute new robe hook that you can see in the third picture showing the mirror and light as viewed from the toilet looking into the hallway.  THANK YOU PAPA G!

Mawmaw Kay is planning on getting a pretty table in black with a couple of drawers and a shelf to sit next to the wall between the sink and the cabinets.  This should give Malissia some much needed countertop space for her dainty grooming needs!  ;)  A great BIG thanks to Mawmaw Kay for this sweet, special & thoughtful gift!

I still have a few more things I want to accomplish over the next couple of weeks to make this room "finished".  I will hang crown molding around the ceiling, add some molding to the door faces to give them more of a "custom" look, and then get a new floor.  But for right now...we are finished and I am happy with the results.  So is Malissia - which is the most important objective!  :)

K.  Bye now!

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