Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bath Details...

I've been at it again!  Searching and pouring over internet sites looking for the "perfect" bathroom accessories.  Once again I find myself unable to make a firm decision...

I already have some lovely green towels that will stay in this bathroom, but I think I may add some purple...

Microdry Bath Towels and Sheets

Nice, huh?  I love the deep, dark purple color.  I'm very interested in the bath "sheets" which are just a fancy name for EXTRA BIG towels!  :)

I'm also looking for a shower curtain and rod.  I'm probably going to get one of those round shower rods that hang from the ceiling...since I don't have a shower mounted to the wall. 

These are 3 lovely shower curtains I found on Bed, Bath & Beyond's website (along with all of my other postings today!).  Any of them would all depends on the paint color I choose for the walls.

How well do these hooks match the items I talked about in my last post???

Shower Hooks

And last of all, I found a couple of styles of accessories I'd love to have in my bathroom.  Of course, all I really need is the toothbrush holder and trashcan...but a girl can dream!

The green set probably really wouldn't match, but since green is my FAVORITE color, I had to include this set!  Love it!

Well, that's about all of my rambling for today.  Maybe I'll find me some paint colors, floor tile and backsplash tile soon...and perhaps I'll look around for some ideas for Malissia's/The Guest bathroom.

K.  Bye now!


  1. Shifted to new Home and its a new experience.I myself doing Interior of my home and this site really helpful for my
    Bathroom Stuff.thanks alot for such a good post.

    1. You are welcome! I will probably post a bit more about my bathroom soon. My taste doesn't change much but I have a couple of months to find new stuff! LOL!